Licensing Show Review





Allow me to gratefully thank each and every one of you who came
to the Lifesmith booth #4215 at the Licensing '99 Show at the
Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

I had thought that the 1998 Licensing Show was the best we had ever had BUT this
Licensing '99 Show was an even greater success! You can be sure we'll be back
again in 2000. In fact I am making plans to be back shortly.

If you are one of our customers or are contemplating the use of our imagery,
you can be sure that I will work hard and long to be sure that you receive as
much attention to detail and excellence my experience has to offer.

Forgive me if I did not have a chance to speak with you personally. I worked the
entire show alone. There were a number of times I was in a meeting with an important
person and did not have a chance to break away to speak with you. Call me at 661-285-4313
or e-mail me here to discuss anything at all about my work and/or licensing efforts
and accept my apologies for not being able to speak with you at the show.

E-mail to: or

If you have come to see the gallery, just click on the link here: GALLERY

May I offer you some of the interesting aspects of this site: Besides the gallery of
2000-2400 images, there is an interesting mathematics and special features page,
lots of technical information, a page containing hundreds and hundreds of hotlinks
to other interesting sites, a page full of mathematical art downloads, and of course
the soon-to-be-upgraded products section, which will hopefully feature your company's
items as well as the ones now available. Should you wish any legal or licensing info
or just a list of customers and/or professional credits, click here.

May I say that it was not the just the attendance that made the show so successful
but the quality of the people coming to our booth; every other person seemed to
be the president or CEO or high ranking officer of his or her respective firm.
A most classy group, indeed!!

The reception our new line received from important manufacturers was even beyond
expectations. We licensed at least five new posters, a new line of T-shirts and transfers,
a new line of fractal silk neckwear, a line of plastic playballs, a possible CD of screensavers,
and about three dozen manufacturers were seriously interested in starting up new lines
with our fractal imagery!

After twelve years, the fractal imagery has finally hit its stride.

Indeed the future of art is here today!

My warmest thanks to the event staff for doing another bang-up job!

And again, with my warmest thanks to all those who made my week a memorable one,

Jeff Berkeley, M.S.
Lifesmith Classic Fractals
36949 42nd St. East
Palmdale, CA 93552
661-285-4313 (office)
661-285-4314 (fax)

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