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Dear Prospective Business Partner:

Shortly after I learned how to produce fractals in graduate school back in 1988,
classmates mentioned, then described, then urged me to do something with
this new type of imagery...I proposed to a couple of fellow physics students that
we might produce a series of greeting cards...they did not wish to assist me,
but encouraged me to go off on my own...

That was over thirty years ago. Since then, well over 300 different products
have carried my imagery...everything from fridge magnets to water skis, from
umbrellas to silk neckties, from coffee mugs to greeting cards and more...

I have been most fortunate that the back-to-school products produced by
Stuart Hall
sold well enough that I was able to buy a home that allowed me
to marry and sire a five-child family, not to mention house my growing business.

Since 1988, I have licensed over 35 posters, a dozen calendars, fifteen
jigsaw puzzles, two or three dozen T-shirt/sweatshirt models and a
wide variety of other products.

Plus, Lifesmith fractal imagery has appeared in about 200 different publications
and are still employed in worldwide publications to this day. You can find a nearly
complete list of credits using the link above.

Allow me to say I am most grateful to everyone who purchased my fractal products.
My professional life now centers around my teaching career, and it is a most
engrossing and fulfilling vocation. And because of my 30+ year devotion to my
teaching career, I do not have the time to continue any type of retail operation.

Thus whatever products remain in my stock will be used as samples or gifts in
order to continue licensing my imagery for commercial advantage and for
the general dissemination of mathematical art in general.

It is unfortunate, however, that many of the fractal "artists" who have followed
me decided that making a commercial venture from my work was not acceptable
to them, that this venture was sacrosanct in a sort of truth, the past
commercial success of my fractal art has certainly laid the foundation for all
those who wish to continue in my stead...but such is the nature of human beings...

In any case, if your firm wishes to license my imagery for whatever commercial
venture you have in mind, please understand that I am, by far, the most
successful and experienced fractal artist in America and represent well over
$15 million worth of licensed fractal art products just in America alone.
I would be most helpful to your staff and am efficient and knowledgeable
and have worked with some Fortune 500 companies in the past.

Please review the artwork and contact me at your convenience.

Lastly, should any of you be interested in investing in an extensive retail gallery
of my work, I would love to hear from you...after 35 years of teaching kids,
it's almost time that I change horses (retirement!)...

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Berkeley, M.S.
Lifesmith Classic Fractals
Bullhead City, AZ
(661) 316-7359

Many boat owners fill the inside of their salon with art, posters, and fractals.
Some Viking Yachts for sale even have fractal imagery throughout the bedrooms.
Many boat businesses use art to dress up the inside.