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As you might have guessed, I am a huge fan of mathematics...

As a teacher for the past thirty-five years, I have been able to show thousands of people some of the really cool aspects of doing mathematics...
These are found to the left.

I hope you find some fascinating things here too...even some things that aren't even math-related...
they are found on the right.

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Fun with the English Language
Fractal Formulas Researched
(now 679 different formulas!)
Fractal and Related Downloads
Humor & Trivia
Medieval Life c.1400
Making Julia Set Fractals
Math Puzzles Pages
Baseball Players
Most Common Names in America
Spherical Harmonics Explained
The Concept of
Blackjack Strategy
Brief History of Rome
Lincoln & Kennedy
Web-Safe Colors
US Census National and World Population
Intro to Physics Study Questions
Large Mineral
Sphere Collection
Get Your Own FBI File
Precious Metals Spot Prices
HTML Tag Table
Java Programming Primer
"Say What?"
Challenge Page
Little Rascals
Texas Hold 'em Hole Card Odds
1000 Years of European History Animation!
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