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The concept of self-similarity is crucial to understanding the nature
of fractal objects. It is a simple idea yet hides an unseen wisdom
about the nature of reality as we know it. Simply put, it is the idea
that the entire universe is contained in a tiny grain of sand, that
every part contains the whole, that every part is, in effect, the whole.

In Hindu mythos, the goddess Indra is often pictured wearing a hair
net of pearls. It is said that in each pearl, one can see the reflection
of each and every other pearl in the net, demonstrating an ancient
understanding of the holographic nature of our universe.

In fractal mythos, we say that the deeper you go into a fractal, that is,
the greater you magnify a fractal, the more the image remains the same.
Please refer to our magnification series 2 which shows a series of twenty-
eight images ranging from a magnification of one to a magnification of an
incredible 1.10 x 10^46 or 11,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
000,000,000,000,000! Notice how the exact same structures are present
at each level of magnification and that the final image is essentially the
same as the first image.

And just to give you some idea of how great a magnification 11
quattuordecillion truly is, if we were to lay out the entire original image
at the scale of the most magnified image, we would need a square of paper
whose edge would extend beyond Andromeda!! Over two million light years

There is now a Polish translation of this phenomena
(with thanks to Valeria Aleksandrova) at: