Shareware &
Freeware Etc.





Below is a listing of where you can get individual programs, be they
shareware, freeware, demoware, or whatever so that you can create,
explore, learn, and/or get involved with computers and their estimable
capabilities. Since there are ten of thousands of programs available,
I have concentrated on those programs at least somewhat related to
what I am doing (or ones I think are extremely helpful) on this particular
fractal mathematical art gallery site.

The hotlinks page will list for you many, many sites which might or
might not offer these items; I thought it would be helpful to list some
programs individually. By clicking on the link, you will be taken directly
to either the download point or to the ftp site from where you can
download the software. Lifesmith makes no guarantees or warrantees
as to the current quality of the software you may wish to download;
they are simply here for your enjoyment and entertainment.

Should there be any other related software that you would like to see
here (for any good reason), please do not hesitate to e-mail me with your
request...the more the merrier, you know!

Current as of July 24, 2014

(By the way, thanks to the late, great Paul N. Lee)

Fractint 20.4 Fractal Designer for PC MS-DOS
(You will find a Mac version, as well as a BeOS version etc.)

WinFract 20.2

Mandelbulb 3D 1.8.9 w/Volumetrics

Mandelbulber for Mac


Fractal ZPlot




Large directory of fractal programs for all platforms

POV-Ray Persistence of Vision Raytracer for Mac & PC Windows

Radiance 4.1 Ray Tracing Software for Mac and PC

Fractal Domains 2.011 for Mac

Knot 3.8 (FAT) Abstract 3D graphics knot designer for Mac

JuliaSaver 2.1 Fractal-Generating Screen Saver for PC

Fractal eXtreme 2.23 for PC

Ultra Fractal 5.0 w/Real Time Fractal Zooming for PC-DOS

Tierazon 2.8 Fractal Generator for PC

The Talis Project 3.6 Fractal Generator for PC DOS

Fractal Orbits 64 for PC

FractSurf for PC

Seractal Fractal ScreenSaver for Win 95/98/ME/XP/2000

Dust Fractals 1.0 Fractal Generator for PC

Aros Fractals 1.00 Fractal Generator for Win 95/NT
Aros Fractals 1.00 Fractal Generator for PowerMac

Double Fractal 2.8 Fractal Generator for PC

Ganymede Strange Attractor Generator (and others) for PC-DOS

XenoDream 2.5 Creative Software for PC

L-System (Lindemayer) Program for Mac et al

Lyapunov Exponent Software (Sprott)

IFS Application Framework for PC

ImageMagick 6.8.9 Image Editor for many platforms

Dave's Math Tables Website (Download It All)

SBART 2.2b Selective Breeding & Genetic Programming for PC/Unix platforms
SBART 3.0 Selective Breeding & Genetic Programming for Mac OS X - NEW!

Moray 3.5 Interactive Modeling Program for POV for PC

Skyview Virtual Observatory

Molecular Visualization Software (Rasmol)

Trachtenberg System of Speed Mathematics (direct download from here)

PaintShop Pro 9 Image Editing Program for PC


Graphic Converter 6,7,8,9 Graphics Conversion Utility for Mac OSX 10.5 or later

RealPlayer / RealPlayer Plus for PC/Mac

StuffIt Expander for Mac
StuffIt Expander for Windows

Winzip 9 Windows/Mac Archiving/Compression Utility

PKUNZIP software for DOS

Fetch 5.7 Mac FTP Client

Google Chrome Internet Browser

Firefox Internet Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Netscape Communicator 8.0