Fabric Design Ideas






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Something brand new! Please have a look at some of the latest designs for fabrics...

When fractals were really popular commercially, back in the 90's, the technology to apply these designs to fabrics really didn't exist...oh sure, T-shirt transfers and screenprinting have both been around for years, but both have serious limitations. Dye sublimation and acid dyes allow printing directly to a wide array of materials. Synthetics like Spandex and Lycra, polyesters, and others can display these vibrant patterns featuring millions of colors without fear of them washing out or peeling off as in the past. Organic fabrics like silks and linens, using a different process, can also show off the beauty and majesty of this mathematical bounty.

So here, for your imagination and commercial interest, are ideas that your company can employ. Lifesmith has extensive graphics experience and can tailor whatever images you choose to suit your product line. Be it colorways, size specs, focus of image, resolution, graphics format, CMYK layering, you name it, we can do it...

Oh, and another important idea ==> If you choose to buy the rights to any of our 3500 images, you'll have an image exclusive!

Call us today at 360-260-4393 and see how easy it is to get these designs on your clothing items.